Carpet pile explained

Carpet pile explained

Carpet pile refers to how the carpet yarns are attached to the backing. A rug's pile has everything to do with construction, style, and feeling underfoot.

Here’s a rundown of various constructions.

Looped styles: How it all begins

All rugs start as uncut loops. Here, they're threaded through the backing.  

Looped styles include Berber and level loop. They are highly durable and even somewhat more stain-resistant. That's because the short, tight loops help keep spills from absorbing.

Then they might also become cut-piles

If they don't remain looped entirely, they'll be cut into piles of various lengths. You'll also find many characteristics in the carpet store, such as plush textures or twists. 

  1. The primary cut pile has short, evenly-sheared fibers. This is good for all levels of foot traffic.
  2. Medium-length piles. This is the iconic Saxony. It also comes in a plush or textured version.
  3. High piles. These have long, loose yarns, like the shag. 

They require more TLC to keep them clean. Best for low-traffic areas like the bedroom.

  1. Frieze: This rug has longish (but not as long as shag) fibers. They're twisted so tightly they curl.

Frieze is durable and great for family rooms. When shopping for carpet in Boca Raton, FL, Check out Noteworthy Style by Karastan.

  1. Low-pile carpets are stylish and considered the most durable and straightforward to keep clean.

The cut and loop: best of all worlds

It's just as it sounds! The various fiber lengths are used to create designs such as pin dots, geometrics, and more. One to check out is Opulent Classic by Phenix.

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