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How many years will wood floors last?

Wood floors
can last between 30 and 100 or more years, depending on your choices. Specific woods last longer, as do certain constructions with add-ons.

Personalizing your hardwood is a lot of fun and gives you the chance to get just what you want. And the more you find out about what's available, the better choices you can make.

Solid hardwood flooring lasts the longest

When you choose solid hardwood, you'll find it has the most extended lifespan, at more than 100 years. But, again, the choices you make as you build your hardwood flooring create a difference.

Some species are harder than others and should be your choice for busy spaces. You can choose a softer wood with good results if you have low traffic areas.

Engineered wood flooring is another excellent choice

Engineered hardwood flooring consists of a plywood backing topped with natural wood veneer. The actual wood layer is the wear layer and gives the flooring its authenticity.

With professional installation and species choice, these floors can last 30 years. With thicker wear layers, they can last even longer.

Both offer great options for your home

Wood floors are a great choice, whether you need a great look or the most extended lifespan. And we can tell you more about each of them while you're here.

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