How to pair carpet and hardwood flooring

How to pair carpet and hardwood flooring

Today's homes often have open floor plans, and it's not unusual to see a living room that flows into the dining room. Often, we see carpet in the living room and hardwood in the dining space.

Making them work together

The two flooring types work well together. Here are some tips on making it all work.

1. Think about balance. For example, dark wood floors are sophisticated and stunning. Keep that same look in the living room by adding bold contrasts with light colors, like white or cream.

Alternatively, light floors make the room look open and airy. Keep that in mind, and add some pastel colors to the living room.

2. Consider the wood's undertones. If they're cool, the carpet installation should also be in a cool tone. Again, nothing needs a full match, but you want a cohesive look.

As an example, say the wood's undertones are ash gray (cool). Then, choose a dark green (also cool) carpet.

On the other hand, if the rug is warmer, like orange or red, that’ll be chaotic and confusing.

3. Invest in a color wheel. You can get them in hardware or stationery stores for about $20-25. You'll see various color shades (colors have both warm and cool tones) and how they interact with each other.

Finally, come into our carpet store

You'll see a wide assortment of carpet colors and styles—a couple of examples: Aspects by Dixie Home or Beautiful Tradition by Godfrey Hirst.

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