How to pair carpet and hardwood flooring

How to pair carpet and hardwood flooring

Carpet and hardwood flooring have been buddies for a long time. The right carpet or area rug can enhance and accent the wood's undertones while adding texture and warmth.

Just follow a couple of basic rules, and read more about them below.

With carpet on hardwood, less is more

Easy does it on the carpeting! Remember that a too-bright, overly patterned rug can quickly become the focal point. That will take away from the charm of the wood floors!

Think about highlighting the hardwood flooring by choosing a carpet or an area rug in a color that complements the undertone of the wood floors. For instance, gray wood flooring might have a slate blue tone, while mahogany floors might have a cream or beige hue.

Perhaps consider a blue (now considered the "new neutral") rug. Alternatively, neutrals, such as gray and white, would also work well.

Match ages and styles

Bright, vividly patterned rugs are very “today.” If you pair them with an older wood floor, the effect will be jarring.

On the other hand, if you place a vintage-style rug with an older wood floor–bravo!

Invest in a color wheel

This way, you see what carpet works well with your wood floors in Boca Raton, FL. They're around $20-25 and readily available in stationery, art–and even some hardware stores.

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