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Carpet, durability, and fibers: What to know

is more popular now than ever because of added benefits. It's always been a beautiful, soft, and comfortable choice, creating homeowner loyalty.

But more and more homeowners look for durability, and it's easier to find than you might think. Fibers play a massive role in durability, so you're sure to find a great option.

Fibers and their attributes

Nylon fibers are strong and resist crushing well, even in busier spaces. And polyester features outstanding stain resistance you can count on for years.

But if you need a much higher level of carpet security, ask about built-in stain protection. This feature never wears off and protects you for the life of your new flooring.

Other durability considerations

You can also use a few well-placed rugs or runners to guard against traffic, wear, and damage. These pieces catch and hold dirt and debris until you remove them forever.

Placing them in foyers and children's rooms is also a good choice. They will function well in front of sofas, kitchen sinks, and bathroom vanities.

Learn as much as you can about carpet

As you find out more about which carpet flooring fibers are durable, you'll be able to make a great choice. In addition, armed with this knowledge, you'll save time and money during the shopping phase.

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