Tile flooring installation in a Boca Raton, FL home

Ceramic tile vs. porcelain tile

Both ceramic and porcelain tile offer outstanding options and is so similar in appearance that they are often spoken of as if they are the same. However, they have some specific differences, so read along with today's post to learn more about each and how they can benefit your home.

Tile flooring is what we do

The differences between ceramic and porcelain are pretty subtle, with porcelain containing only the highest quality clays and fired at the most elevated temperatures. Ceramic also includes quality clay mixed with other natural materials like feldspar, so the through-body color scheme you'll see in porcelain is not present in ceramic.

Porcelain is often coated with a clear glaze. At the same time, ceramic can be covered with beautiful liquid glass glazes for bright color options that will match a variety of décor and interior design schemes. Both offer excellent water resistance, with porcelain being slightly more impervious to soaking up liquids.

You’ll enjoy the opportunity to decorate with these products, as there are plenty of visuals. But you’ll also find shapes, sizes, formats, and installation techniques that work to any décor advantage you need, so be sure to visit us today.

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