Area rug in a well decorated Boca Raton, FL living space

Do all area rugs have a rubber backing?

Area rugs are known for their beautiful appearance, durable profile, and wide variety of shapes and sizes. But today, we'll talk about whether all these rugs have a rubber backing and what that means for you, so follow along with us here.

Rubber backings are not standard on all rugs

Some rugs have no backing, which leaves them susceptible to mold, mildew, and premature wear, directly impacting the flooring it covers. The backing material can be various materials for rugs that come with a backing, including felt and latex.

When a rubber-backed rug is chosen, it's essential to check to ensure the floor's finish will not react chemically with the rubber, especially with hardwood flooring. However, even if the rubber backing and the flooring finish are not compatible, you may still be able to utilize the rug with the addition of a rug pad beneath.

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