Engineered wood floors in a Boca Raton, FL home

Does engineered hardwood need to acclimate?

Engineered hardwood is an excellent material, offering the stunning visuals and customization found in solid wood with the affordability and characteristics of other types of flooring. It's a perfect choice for basement areas, where solid wood can never be installed, but does it need to acclimate before installation?

Engineered hardwood characteristics

Engineered wood floors do not last as long as solid hardwood. Still, you'll get about 30 years of impressive visuals, performance, and customizations that should serve your home well, especially over time. But these floors require acclimation just as solid wood does.

Engineered flooring materials will react to the moisture content around them, which means acclimation is necessary because it is constructed of perpendicular-laid plywood and topped with natural wood. However, most manufacturers agree that 48 hours is enough to balance the moisture between the environment and the flooring to alleviate the fear of cupping, gapping, or expansion and contraction in general.

Acclimation is genuinely a simple process that doesn't cost extra or requires any additional work or tools, so it's more than worth the two or three days to ensure your flooring will perform well over time. To find out even more about the process, including details about your chosen materials, be sure to visit us at your convenience.

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