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Read to see if hardwood flooring is for you

Hardwood flooring
is an excellent material for every room, with outstanding benefits. Solid wood is durable and can last more than 100 years with proper installation.

You may be wondering if hardwood is a good choice for your home. Here are some facts for your consideration to help you make a choice.

Hardwood flooring has an extensive lifespan

Solid wood flooring can offer lifespans of more than 100 years. With professional installation, they bring great peace of mind.

Engineered materials also last a long time, giving you up to 30 years on average. And both solid and engineered wood floors are re-finishable to extend the life of the flooring.

Hardwood offers a wide variety of visuals

There are many ways to create a unique visual for your decor matching with hardwood flooring. You can combine many aspects to get the look you want, including:

  • Species type
  • Stain color
  • Finish type
  • Width and length
  • Format
  • Installation layout

These materials add a perfect touch to many interior designs. And you can craft a beautiful surface that will last for decades.

Wood floors increase the value of your home

Even if you only install hardwood flooring in a single space, it will increase the value of your home, which is perfect whether you're planning to sell or increase equity.

Enjoy the benefits in every room or just a few spaces. Either way, you'll gain beauty, durability, lifespan, and more.

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