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Should carpet "pile" matter to my choice?

If you're looking for the perfect carpet flooring for your home, consider the floor pile. It could change the outcome of your choice, depending on your specific requirements.

But to know what kind of pile you need, you may need more information. So, here are some facts that you should consider as you prepare to shop.

What is carpet pile?

When you hear the term "pile," it's referring to the fibers of the carpeting. To describe other aspects, you will see words like height, style, and density.

The pile is made up of various fiber types, like wool, nylon, or polyester. Some carpet pile options are flat, and some are shaggier in appearance for different texture options.

Flat piles feature short fibers woven together with a tight twist, making them easier to clean. Shag pile has long fibers that often fold on themselves, with a very soft profile.

Cut or loop pile?

Loop pile creation happens when fibers pass through the backing but aren't sheared. Instead, the cut pile is sheared on the surface, so the fibers' ends stick straight from the backing material.

Some carpet surfaces offer cut and loop piles in the same product for added texture and visual appeal. Most homeowners have a preference for what works best in their homes.

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