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A look at carpet patterns

Flooring, especially carpet, is all about creativity these days. The rug is no longer just a pale background for the room. Now they come in eye-popping colorful geometrics to animal prints.

Rugs set the overall tone of a space. It's now usually the first thing installed ("Design from the floor up!), and the furnishings and accessories revolve around it.

It can be overwhelming, but here are some ways to simplify the process.

What are your design goals?

What feeling do you want to impart? Pattern affects the mood of the space, so we'll be asking those questions at our carpet store.

It also depends on where you're installing it. For example, you'd probably want a different mood for the bedroom than the family room!

Also, think about things like style, color, and texture. You want everything to work well together, not clash.

Florals: Timeless, classic

These will probably never go out of style, and it's one of the most popular styles. You're familiar with them; they include flowers, leaves, and fauna, sometimes with trees, branches, buds, and stems.

Very often, the patterns seem abstract. However, floral carpets work as well in contemporary and modern spaces as traditional ones. So, the best thing to do is to explore our showroom when you are shopping for carpet in Boca Raton, FL.

One of the latest crazes is a floral rug in a gray (the "new neutral") hue. This gives it a slightly vintage look.

About geometrics

These, too, are very popular with their crisp, clean lines. They include triangles, hexagons, and diamonds. Big circles are also popular, giving a sense of space because they go 'round and 'round with no end.

Moroccan trellis

The Arabesque pattern's free-flowing lines inspired this. Likewise, the trellis blends lines to create a structure–like a trellis.

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