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Does hardwood flooring work with a concrete subfloor?

While it is possible to install hardwood flooring over concrete, the definitive answer will depend upon several things, including your own opinion. Concrete is a challenging task to work with and requires a little effort.

The most overlooked source of moisture

That would be the subfloor. Water damage or other imperfections can travel up to the surface, affecting the flooring's appearance, performance, and longevity.

A concrete subfloor is known for being damp (and cold). It can look deceivingly dry but remember that water is an essential ingredient of the concrete mix.

Moisture readings are a must

The installer needs to take moisture readings throughout the hardwood flooring installation.

They will speak to you and offer alternatives if the reading seems high.

Some possibilities include the addition of a plywood board. You should also install a moisture barrier.

Other considerations

No one can doubt the allure of wood floors. They add warmth and charm to a room. As a result, hardwood flooring often becomes a focal point, especially when on the stairs.

That means the installation is more critical than ever. You want the floors to become your home's crown jewel.

Ensure the subfloor is smooth and even to prepare for the wood floors. If it isn't, it should be sanded down.

Also, consider this: Concrete is hard and cold. You may want an underlayment to act as a vapor barrier, add cushioning, and block cold air.

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