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The 411 on tongue-and-groove hardwood flooring

There's much to know as you search for the perfect hardwood flooring. But did you know that the installation technique can make a big difference in your flooring?

You will learn much about the tongue-and-groove method, which can bring great results. Here's the information you need as you start your remodeling shop.

What is tongue-and-groove flooring?

Tongue-and-groove flooring describes a floating hardwood floor that offers excellent benefits. There's a tongue on one side of the board and a slot, or groove, on the other.

Bringing the two together offers a fantastic seal that is almost air and moisture-tight. With the proper sealant, wood floors offer excellent protection in kitchens and foyers.

Easy care and maintenance

These hygienic floors are easy to clean and maintain, even in busy spaces. We'll share a list of cleaners and tools you can use for the best results.

You can also use rugs and runners to protect high-traffic areas better. And if you have questions about your hardwood flooring, we have the answers you need.

Installation benefits are important

Not only are tongue-and-groove floors faster and easier to install, but they also save money. In addition, since your installation team can finish this task quickly, you won't pay as much for hardwood flooring installation.

It's important to remember that professional installation is always necessary with these materials. However, you'll get the results and the peace of mind you deserve when you choose hardwood.

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