Use area rugs to support your interior design plan

Use area rugs to support your interior design plan

Area rugs might be small, but never underestimate their power. These little carpets come in many fibers, colors, and styles. 

Create a cozy space

Newer homes often have open layouts. It's not unusual to see one big space that houses the living room, dining area–and sometimes the kitchen. 

Use area rugs to create cozy seating areas, reading nooks, or a spot where you can look out, drink your morning coffee–or sit and watch the world go by.

Highlight your accent pieces!

Say you fell in love with a colorful, fun, mint-green sofa. It'd be perfect for your eclectic decor.  

Custom rugs will get you the just-right shade of green to match the sofa. Then watch it pop! 

Zhuzh, it up!

Sometimes a room can be bland. And especially if it's a big room, it can seem antiseptic. 

Nothing adds visual interest like texture. A couple of colorful small rugs will do the trick! 

Ground your furnishings

Does it sometimes seem like the furniture is floating? Small carpets, placed either entirely under or just anchoring the two front legs, will do wonders. 

Just be sure there's also 12 to 18 inches of bare floor showing. Then run to the "rugs for sale" department to see what you can find. 

And by the way, you can even ground the bedroom. Just place two matching runners on each side.

Visit us for top-quality area rugs

We love area rugs! You can also create something special–with a logo, mascot, message, etc. Our in-house designers at Exclusive Flooring Collection can't wait to show you how they can transform a space.

Whether custom or standard, you'll see brands like Dixie Home, Dream Weaver, Kane, Karastan, and more. Visit our showroom in Boca Raton, FL. 

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